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 YA Books

Everything can change in a hearbeat...


Amber messed up. She took something that wasn't hers. She never intended for anyone to die.


Now she struggles through each day with a secret that no one must ever know.


But when Amber finds herself in the arms of her dead brother's best friend, she believes she's found someone who needs her as much as she needs him.


Only that's where the trouble really starts: if escape is what she's looking for, she'll have to think again.


"It is the diversity and scope that gives this novel its edge and Farrer captures perfectly the way events can so easily spiral." Jade Craddock, The Bookseller April 2015 

Love, Ambition or Secrets - Which will break you first?


Jess has one chance to win the music scholarship of her life. When she fails, she believes she’s lost everything – including her only shot with the boy she loves.


But then she gets an offer to start over - an offer from someone she didn't even know existed.


It may be a second chance, but at what price? Threatened by shadows from the past, Jess realises she’s fighting for more than just her own dreams.


Broken Strings was longlisted for the 2015 Branford Boase Award.






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